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C and R Distributors, Inc. provides you with products for your automobile from S. S. Nathans. These products, Liquid Brilliance, Wipe 'N Walk, Universal Solution Cleaner & Degreaser and Metile are the best products on the market to keep your vehicles in the best possible condition. We know you will love the products, as well as, the reasonable prices.

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LIQUID BRILLIANCE - by S.S. Nathans This is the best easiest to use wax we've seen. Just wipe on and wipe off Liquid Brilliance to create a rich, deep shine that lasts. It restores faded and oxidized finishes and resists ultraviolet rays, acid rain and the effects of road salts and smog. Removes bug marks, tar, grease, oil, and carbon build up, as well as buffing wheel burns and swirl marks. Liquid Brilliance does not streak or smear.

Liquid Brilliance cleans, waxes, seals and protects vehicle finishes like no other product on the market today! Can be used on windows (inside and outside), headlights, headlight covers, taillights, non-textured bumper covers and moldings (including body side).

This is "SHOW CAR CLASSIC FORMULA". Nothing cleans better, polishes brighter or protects longer. This is the same product that has been used successfully by fire departments, hotels, casinos, cruise lines and major auto manufactures and now is available to you.

Liquid Brilliance will remove road grime, oxidation, and impurities giving all surfaces a lasting "mirror like" finish whether it's outside furniture, your RV or vehicle. Liquid Brilliance will reflect the sun's ultraviolet rays and resist water spots, acid rain, bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, road tar and other foreign matter.

In addition to being the best, easiest to use wax for your car, truck, motorcycle, boat or camper, Liquid Brilliance can be used to clean and shine many household items: windows, storm doors, mirrors, glass coffee tables and end tables, glass light fixtures, computer and TV screens (non-plazma) eyeglasses(including safety shields), plexiglas, bathtub walls, sinks, kitchen and bathroom tile, countertops, bicycles, lawn mowers, tractors, trailers, faucets, metal light fixtures, appliances, outdoor furniture, stainless steel grills, metal doors and hardware and file cabinets.

If you have an extremely tough job or a very large surface area and you feel a buffer is necessary, we recommend an inexpensive orbital buffer.

WIPE'N WALK - by S.S. Nathans Wipe'n Walk is the finest conditioner and dressing you will ever use. It is the solution that makes life easy. Wipe'n Walk is specifically formulated for multi-surface application for housekeeping, public areas, kitchens, transportation, aviation, automotive, marine, homes and offices.

Wipe'n Walk instantly puts a superior protective coating that renews preserves and protects fine furniture, wall paneling, leather, vinyl, rubber, formica, wrought iron and decorative ornamentations. Wip'n Walk resists dust, fingerprints and smudges and it dries in minutes. Just wipe it on and walk away.

METILE - by S.S. Nathans Metile is the absolute best cleaner and polish for non-painted, non-porous, hard surfaces. Metile will clean, protect and enhance the beatuy of all copper, brass, aluminum, silver, chrome, stainless steel, marble, porcelain, tile, and glass. Metile removes mold, mildrew, water marks, rust and tarnish.

It is excellent for shower door tracks, and any metal or porcelain fixtures, tubs, toilets, urinals, sinks, tile or marble walls, floors, thresholds, sills, grout or watermarks on glass and chrome.

Like the others, this product can be used in your home, offic, car, truck, RV, boat, motorhome, camper, trailer, motorcycle and aircraft. There is nothing else like, Metile.

UNIVERSAL SOLUTION - by S.S. Nathans Universal Solution is the finest all purpose concentrate cleaner on the market today. It is the solution for all cleaning problems, specifically formulated for multi-surface application for housekeeping, public areas, kitchens, transportation, aviation, automotive, marien, homes and offices. Since it is concentrated it can be mixed to handle any cleaning job for light general maintenance, or deep cleaning (detailing) to restoration. Universal Solution instantly emulsifies and dissolves grease, scum build-up, oil and eliminates nicotine odors. It removes most stains and is great for cleaning carpets, baths, showers, tile, grout, all floors, (inicluding concrete), walls, restrooms, kitchen areas, stainless steel, mold and mildew.

Universal Solution is concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Example: one cap full to a bucket of warm water for general cleaning.

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