Liquid Brilliance

Liquid Brilliance
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Product Description

Liquid Brilliance is a non-abrasive, highest lustre, premium carnauba wax that cleans, glazes, waxes, waterproofs and protects automobiles, aircrafts, boats and household items. For any hard smooth, non-porous surfaces including metal, fiberglass, glass, brass and tile. Safe on all painted or polished surfaces. Contains no Silicones, Teflons or abrasives. Recommended for clear coat,gel coat lacquers, polyurethanes, acrylic lacquers, acrylic enamels, chrome, and metallics. This solution cleans and resists dirt, grease and grime. Makes clean- ups easy after application. Removes oxidation and resists ultra-violet rays of the sun, rock salt and acid rain. Just wipe on and wipe off.